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The Bridal Boutique Japan is Hawaii's first locally produced television show that inspires Japanese brides to wed and honeymoon in our beloved 50th state. The production is straight from the soul of Canoe Girl's production division and comes just at the right time.

"We intentionally greenlighted this project to help out the economy of Hawaii," Steve Young, CEO of Canoe Girl Productions says.

According to Young, Japanese wedding couples travel with family, who on average stay longer and spend more than average tourists, thus aiding the economy of Hawaii. The Bridal Boutique has gained distribution on Japan's wildly popular travel channel, Travelers TV. The satellite station is a paid subscription service boasting close to one million subscribers.

The Bridal Boutique will be a reality based TV show following Japanese Brides and their future husbands as they make their way through the wedding process.

"We'll get to see first-hand what couples go through in the days leading up to a wedding, and the moments after," says the CFO of Canoe Girl Productions, Ryan Torres.

The Bridal Boutique will hold it's reality format 3 shows per month. The 4th show will vastly differ as letters from the audience will guide that show.

For the 4th show, or the Q & A show, the authors of the letters will also receive unique gifts straight from Hawaii. The Q & A episode also plans to feature weekly make-up tips, hair-tips, previews of local weddings, and wedding tips every show. The Bridal Boutique will run a new show every week, or four new shows per month.

Canoe Girl Productions will handle the majority of the production of the Bridal Boutique, utilizing it's own videographers, photographers, and graphic design artists to lower the overall production overhead. Audio and music composition will be handled by Scott Barron of Angel entertainment. Pac Rim Marketing has been contracted to represent the entire project for advertising.

Due to play host to the show is Mami Phillips, a former professional Japanese translator who just recently made the transition into modeling. Sharing co-hosting responsibilities will be the beautiful and ever so popular Alice Inoue and former model, Runa Konta.

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