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Change of Ownership
Wait! That's my company!
by Steve Young

So the cat's out the bag. I knew that this day would come, we dreaded it, we looked forward to it...we...we'll, there's new owners of Canoe Girl Productions. There's been a management shift here, and our staff, for the time being, is not as large as it once was a year ago. The major changes, a close friend of mine and former CFO of Canoe Girl Productions, Ryan Torres, is no longer with the company. Ryan wanted something new and I believe didn't like the direction that the new Canoe Girl was going to undertake, so he left, venturing off into the land of selling life insurance. Scotty Tsuha, our merchandising manager was briefly promoted to an operating officer, but later resigned after realizing that he couldn't fulfil the duties that were given to him. Fast forwarding to the present, the only original soul of Canoe Girl that remains is me.

Canoe Girl and Dream Weddings Hawaii, and the majority of it's assets are now in the hands of a holding company called Fifth Perception. A group consisting of private investors, including myself, that shares an extensive background business, real estate investments, and marketing. The vision and projects of Canoe Girl Productions continue to remain the same, but the realization to steady growth will be realized much faster given the higher caliber of people backing the corporation.


  • WEDDING INDUSTRY - Canoe Girl, now more than ever is engaging itself into the wedding industry, primarily, wedding couples originating from Canada and the Mainland wishing to tie the knot in Hawaii. The wedding industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that is 99% recession proof. The company is called Dream Weddings Hawaii and provides honest and affordable coordination services.

    I always loved the wedding industry and at one time in 1998, CGP aggressively pursued the wedding photo and video market. Ryan on the other hand, hated the wedding industry and hated dealing with the couples and did not want to invest into a wedding company so we didn't. One of the major reasons why Ryan left Canoe Girl was that he hated the notion that CGP will begin to derive a good portion of it's income from the wedding industry until we died.
  • AN ONGOING COMMITMENT TO THE WEDDING INDUSTRY - Canoe Girl Productions plans to create businesses, products, acquire beach front real estate properties, provide services for the modern day working bride and to market them under an unique individual label. Exactly what products and services will be created are highly classified as they viewed as revolutionary products.
  • TRAVEL AGENCIES - CGP is also expanding Dream Weddings Hawaii to handle travel arrangements for the reception party and creating a sister agency, Dream Vacations Hawaii, to handle single to group travel arrangements for families or friends primarily interested in packaged tours to Hawaii, Fiji, the Caribbean, or Mexico City. The travel agency will take advantage of a network of home-based travel agents, networking them across the United States to sell the agencies supplies. Due to the lower overhead of not having a storefront, the agency can deliver cheaper prices to clients, while enhancing customer/client relationship.
  • LESS COMMERICAL VIDEO PRODUCTIONS - CGP will no longer invest any time into chasing after commercial contracts due to the stagnant advertising market here in Hawaii. It will also cut back the amount of in house productions that it will take on. We have two in-house video projects on our plate right now that we will shoot this year and next...
  • LESS GRAPHIC DESIGN AND WEB DESIGN SERVICES - People, businesses, love the web sites that we have built for them, but unfortunately, there's no money in it. Nowadays, everyone and their grandson can build web pages....great web pages. And we just don't want to compete with our consumers. We will continue to build web pages for our own businesses, but will not actively promote our graphic/web design services anymore.
  • MORE PHOTOGRAPHY! - We still love the modeling and wedding industry and we still love to take photos. This venture, while not the most profitable for our company, is a nice stress reliever for myself or our other employees. We see most work generated by portfolio work and weddings for this sector. The advertising market is still a little soft, but may pick up as our economy turns around.
  • A HALT TO UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII PRODUCTS - I'm sorry, but we won't be creating any more University of Hawaii product anymore. We wish the new licensees great luck.
  • CONCERTS/PROMOTIONS, I'M SORRY - It feels as though artists are charging more to make up for the loss in revenue from pirated music. Higher ticket prices meshed together with a faltering economy equals high-risk, low profit venture for concert promoters. Plus, Clear Channel has almost everything locked up. Until the economy turns around on the nose for a steady two years...we're out of the promotion game for awhile.
  • EVENT PROMOTION - There is just no sponsorship money out there to go around. Unfortunately, CGP will have to back down from managing or creating any event until the economy turns around and sustains growth for at least two or more years.

The great thing about our new direction is that our company is doing great and it's fun to see it moving at a rather astonishing growth rate while providing honest affordable service to anyone who rings our bell. The crappy thing about this all is that my former partner isn't here to share the glory. But I guess that's just part of business.

Hey, I'm 26, wide-eyed....Wish me luck.

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