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"...talk about
patient fishermen,
we never
catch anything


This weighed about 1 1/4 pounds!

"It's my 1st!"

by Steve Young

All right, so the truth is that most of you won't care, won't bother reading this article, won't smirk or read past this first line. But I don't care, I have to tell the world….I CAUGHT MY FIRST REAL FISH!!!!

You must be wondering why I'm dripping with enthusiasm. We'll gosh darn it, it's been three years since I caught any real fish and I think I deserve to get a little big headed here. See, I'm what they call an avid novice fisherman. My good friend Doss and I would make it a regular hobby of ours to cast out our pole on the dock, lay back, and catch nothing. That's what I thought fishing was all about. I mean, talk about patient fishermen, we never did catch anything edible.

My fishing life was to change when another good friend of mine, Pat, who just happened to be an ex-professional Alaskan tour fisherman, taught me the ropes. Within a week or so I had myself a professional whipping set-up that my parents had bought for me for my birthday. The day after….I caught this.

What did I use to catch it? Opai, or little brackish water shrimp. Fish love that stuff. The true art of fishing though came from Pat as he actually predicted where the schools would be running. That very same day he snagged a huge fish but was unable to bring it up. We call it an Ulua here in Hawaii, but I have no idea what they call it in the mainland.

Oh yeah, the fish that I caught, it was called a Papio. Man, and that thing was pretty tough to bring in. My arm was getting pretty tired reeling it in…Anyway, that's my fishing story and I'm sticking to it. Hey... I have the photos to prove it. If anybody ever wants to go fishing, I'm game. One more thing before I go; if you have TV in Japan, you may see Pat on one of the TV shows. I referred Pat over to a friend of mine who was assisting a Japanese TV show that was interested in shooting a fishing show in Hawaii. I told them, "There's only one person I know who can catch fish in Hawaii." One thing led to another…he's on TV and getting paid for it…yeah baby.

Maybe I'll produce a fishing show for Japan one day…hmmm……maybe…..