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Genevieve, 12 years old, and on her way....

And then there were two...
by Steve Young

Her name is Genevieve, and maybe one day you'll see her name in lights on the 405 while you're heading home. We found this junior amazon girl at a local modeling convention here in Hawaii. Needless to say, she was the hottest commodity at the show with model, acting, and talent agents clawing for her.

Like all models, they start off young. Genevieve being only 12 years old is at the right age to learn about the modeling industry. So by the time the millions start rolling, hopefully, she’ll know how to handle herself professionally....

If you’ve been read our other article about Ashley Suliman, you already know that the start up cost when becoming a model can be high. This case is no different. What makes it a lot more difficult is that Genevieve will have to travel to LA and New York every year, with expenses coming directly out of her parent’s pocket. In Ashley’s case, travel cost were drastically cut due to Ashley father’s occupation as an airline mechanic. The cost of travel is a concern for the family, but they are more than willing to see through it. They are more concerned that Genevieve remains grounded in her relationship with Christ throughout this entire journey. I give this philosophy two thumbs up.

Genevieve was a joy to shoot and made composting shots very very easy. Like Ashley, and like any other of the professional models, she really has no bad angles. Ande like all beginning models, she was a little shy in the beginning, needing coaching every so often. After a few rolls, she settled in and really started to settle her own mood.

Genevieve has signed with Heinz Holba’s reknown model agency, L.A. Models. Kathy, Genevieve's mother said about Heinz, "It was amazing, he took about an hour educating us about the the model industry at Starbucks. He's an honest guy."

Genevieve is represented by Kathy Muller here in Hawaii. Sitting in as the mother agency is World Talent, a model search organizer based out of Hawaii.

This Jr. Amazonian lives with her parents, sister, and older brother who are all sharing in the excitement as she makes her way through the model experience. Genevieve's grandparents are also very supporting as well, subsidizing the cost at travel whenever possible.



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