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featured model: Genevieve

Don't get ripped: MODELING 411
What's there to know about the modeling industry

Canoe Girl Productions will assist aspiring models from not getting duped out of their hard earned money...period.

"Two large companies claiming to develop young models into stars have landed in Hawaii and have been leeching thousands of dollars from the aspiring modeling community", Young said.

CGP has assisted a handful of models achieve their dreams by educating them about the modeling/acting industry and will do so for any model willing to contact them at (808) 239-1158. There is no charge for this service, yet the company does ask for your consideration in using their photographers when creating their portfolio for their modeling career.

CGP believes that success, no matter what industry, is derived from education and experience. But unlike other industries, schools, modeling schools in particular, will mostly likely not aid a model in developing their career.

Young claims, "Eventually you'll need some type of portfolio after you get signed to an agency or for you to get work, but ulimately, it'll take you roughly one polaroid to get started...."

Call us for more information at 239-1158 or email us at

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