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Here’s something really sad. I’m 26, and I spend my weekends and weekdays, glued to the television. I know that most adults my age are out swinging at nightclubs, probably picking up the girls, and laughing throughout the night. Maybe it’s just that I’m overworked, or maybe I’m working on second aspiration of becoming a coach potato.

So what’s hot through the eyes of this junior CEO?


These are listed in no particular order. I just wrote them as they came to my head:

JOE MILLIONAIRE - Lately I’ve been watching a lot of reality TV shows. I’m not a big Survivor fan. But when JOE millionaire hit the tube, I couldn’t stop watching. In fact, my entire family, including my dad and mom were glued to the set. And that Joe Millionaire guy, I think we haven’t heard the last from him. He’s got the looks to become some type of model…or maybe even actor. Only time will tell.

MR. PERSONALITY – This show wasn’t as big a hit as Joe Millionaire, but I thought that it was just great to see this girl choose her Mr. Right, based just on words and actions. Will, the motivational speaker, was a thrill to watch. What a very sly guy. Any guy should but this series and watch this guy use every hypnotic, word play, and romance trick in the book to wiggle his way to the top. It’s funny that most girls think that a “Playa” is someone who flashes gold, talks smooth, to sweep them off their feet. And…that they could spot a “playa” from a mile. Truth be it girls, real “playas” use hypnosis! At the end, the girl chose the 28 year-old developer/millionaire, who actually loved her. Great ending that proves to me two things: That love does prevail, and that women can smell money through their veins.

BOSTON PUBLIC – This is the only hour-long drama that I watch on TV. My dad and are huge fans and constantly yell at the characters every Monday night. It’s nice to see characters attacking real issues, rather than just sleeping with each other to create conflict. My favorite character on here, Harvey Lipschultz, whose character proves that there is a very thin line between insanity and honesty. Before Boston public, the only hour long drama that I did watch was Models Inc. And you know what, just so happens I’m working with the producer of that show on some stuff. Who would have thought that I would ever have the opportunity? Small world.

AMERICAN IDOL – All right, I’m a Clay Aiken fan. But Ruben is just as good. You really can’t compare the two. They are two great singers who have vastly different styles. It’s a fun show to watch because it seems as though everyone on the show enjoys their job. Despite the conflict between the judges, the low blows between Seacrest and Simon, it’s all done in a tasteful manner. And I really think Simon does enjoy the company of Paula. The show wouldn’t be the same without those four, the synergy created by them is very similar to the relationships created on the cast of Friends.

FRIENDS: This is an easy vote. I just have been raised on this cast of characters. Joey of course is my favorite. What I find astounding is that the writing is still rather fresh. The big question though is…what will follow?


Actually, I mislabeled this section; it should be “Video’s that we should burn.” I’m notorious for renting a lot of videos and returning them to the video store because I’m too busy to view any of them. I actually managed to sit through the three that I rented this weekend.

HOT SHOTS (I RECOMMEND): I love stupid comedies. I watched this show religiously when I was younger, and still loved it this time around. Airplane still remains my favorite. Charlie Sheen can really do comedy rather well. Hey, what do you think about Charlie Sheen in the next superman movie?

KUNG POW: Again, I love stupid movies, but this movie was even a little too stupid for my taste. The computer graphics were amazing as it digitally layered faces of our main character seamlessly onto old Chinese film movies. I didn’t watch it to the end.

GHOST SHIP: This movie really started out promising, but fell apart midway through. The story of the ship was intriguing. Not believable, but still…interesting. But the movie turned from a potential really great horror flick, into a music video. Can you believe that? It ended on a very disappointing note.


X-MEN: This was a really fun movie. It kept moving and moving. My kinda movie. I know the serious movie buffs or screenwriters are going to tear this script apart because of it’s so called, lack of structure. But the movie overall was entertaining…and that’s the main reason why we break rules when we write.

What’s up next? I don’t know. I sorta want to see Matrix Reloaded, but then again…I think it may appear on video rather soon since #3 is coming out in November. I saw the “Making of the Matrix” special was just in awe. I can’t believe they built a real freeway for some of these shots. That’s insane.

Until next time people…..I’m out of here.

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