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Genevieve's Back!

Genevieve is back from L.A. on her first modeling trip and the word on the street is that she had a blast! This young model and her mother departed in the early month's of June and had the amazing opportunity of staying in Heinz Holba's, owner of L.A. Models, guest house during the majority portion of their stay. Days consisted of attending go-sees and castings for television commericals, movie-parts, and modeling gigs.

The positives points of Genevieve's trip was that she learned a lot about the modeling and acting industry, the lingo, the system, and overall...the business. The negative points of the trip was that it she didn't land any paying jobs while she was there. This is completely understandable as the overall economy and advertising industry is a low. Backing up to another positive, Genevieve starred in a documentary about the modeling industry. Great camera experience.

We're trying to convince Kathy's mother to write a short article on their full-eperience. Stay tuned.

Genevieve and her mom, Kathy


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