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"all right here's what
it boils down to
..the script.
Plainly stated, it sucks."



"Yoda is star..."


I've been waiting for this movie for two-years and the big question is was it worth it. Yes and no. Is it a good movie or a waste of my time? You know, I've been trying to figure that out for the last few hours…again, I believe it's a yes and no. Let me try to break it down here:

Cinematographynot too shabby I have to say. What's impressive is that Star Wars was shot completely with progressive frame HD cameras (Sony HDW-F900'S). The High-Def revolution will eventually replace film cameras, and as you may already know, my company is staying on top by offering Cinealta (term you probably haven't heard of unless you're in video nerd like me) services. Anyway, It's exciting to see an epic movie utilizing the tools of the new millennium. It'll just be a matter of time till the bandwagoners hop on. Composition wise, I would say the work was A-. Beautiful shots…and with a video camera, not film I may add. Little thing here…I believe the chase scenes could have been shot a lot better. Unlike Spiderman, which made me feel as though I was flying through Manhattan, I never got that "wings of an eagle" feeling in Star Wars. It felt as though I were watching the movie. Overall, this was one of the most visually stimulating movies I had ever seen. Grade A-

Acting…This was very disappointing. Like phantom menace, again we get an Annikin Skywalker who can't act on the edge and does not understand motivation.

The rest of the cast…geez, it's really hard to say if it was bad acting or the best acting they could turn out with a crappy script.
Grade D+ (for Annikin)
the rest of the cast…just don't know.

Screenwriting…all right here's what it boils down to..the script. Plainly stated, it sucks. I hate to say it, but George, you're extremely talented but for Pete's sake hire out someone who can write. Geez, where do I start. First off…most of the characters are two-dimensional! Where's that deep inner conflict of Annikin as he falls to the dark side. Why are the Jedi's perfect characters? They need flaws….

Obi-wan should have bad fighting habits that maybe only Annikin and the dark side knows of. Maybe Obi-Wan needs to overcome this bad habit to defeat his enemies. Flaws…we need flaws for our heroes George! Why does Samuel L. Jackson's character have one-liners that mimic the feel of his Pulp Fiction days? Stick to his character….a Jedi wouldn't say "I don't think so." With a strong cast of actors involved in this project, I would expect a script to be written to tap their skills…

The story here is driven forward by mere coincidences. Coincidence can only get us so far…we need some type of character involvement don't we? Shallow characters stole the show on this one.

OVERALL…cutting to the chase. Was the movie worth $7.50? Definitely. Look, I'm disappointed that this script could have been written a hell of a lot better and possibly Leonardo Dicaprio casted as Annikin would have made a nice fit. Structurally and element wise…the movie failed…BUT WAS IT ENTERTAINING? Not really.... I'll recommend it though...There is one fight scene in there that is so cool…it's worth seeing twice.