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Monday, January 10, 2005

We'll, it's the New Years, and I plan to do a major update of the Canoe Girl Site. 2004 was an extremely busy year for me, not to mention, rather successful...and I just got too busy. 2005 is pretty much the return of the old me. Now Canoe Girl is turning more into an angle investment/management company and expanding a division into website marketing.

I have to be honest, it's very strange to be still rather young, and to be taken seriously by peers who are older than you...and looking to you to lead them to prosperity. To make their dreams, a reality. There is that pressure of performing, because if you do perform well, profits will rise, and I will benefit directly. I have about 3 to 4 new companies that I will be starting this year. I will be closing Dream Vacations Hawaii down for good and merging it's services completely with Dream Weddings Hawaii.

Wow, am I a boring blogger. I'll try to make this more exciting next entry.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Turning 27th....

We'll, today I turned 27 years old. This age really hits you like a cold front. You don't really see it coming, but when it hits you, you're left stunned and confused. Next year is my high school reunion. I can't really believe that I've been out of school for close to 10 years. Where has the time gone!

I've really learned a lot though these past years. At 27, I feel old. I enjoy talking about politics. I enjoy taking part in our global economy. I love making money. And you know what, i love giving it away as well. I'm getting back into shape (thank god) and you know what, I just bought myself a new trials bike as I'm getting back into that as well. Hopefully I'll have my abs back by late July...

I'm also proud to say that my passion has not left my veins....

Take care everyone....

Thursday, March 25, 2004


Thing here have been crazy as usual. A bit more crazy, as you may have suspected as I'm not posting. Hey I'm turning 27 this weekend! Plus, I'm working like hell. I have a couple new investment opportunities that have been presented to me that I'm mulling over. They don't require much startup capital, and I'm seriously considering it. Other than that, we are really honing in on this wedding stuff. And we are gearing up for shooting this October for our instructional video.

The really big news is that we may go Mac and Final Cut 4 on this project. Yup...I'm a PC/AVID guy, but the low-cost, not to mention versatility is really pushing me over the fence. Then, there's the option on whether to rent, or to buy. We're trying to keep cost low over here. What to do!!!


Sunday, February 29, 2004


I love WALMART. It's my everything store. I think it's built for cheapskates like myself, my dad, mom, and most of my friends. To tell you the truth, I don't shop a lot at Walmart, it's just someplace to go late at night. Yes, I'm sad, but I prefer hanging out in Walmart a lot of times versus a nightclub. Doss and I used to ride 25 miles on our bike to Walmart back in the day. Now, we just drive there and laugh at fishing line or look at stuff.

Tonights walmart adventure though, proved to be rather frustrating. My father and I found it rather diffficult to navigate the isles of walmart due to the unnecessary blocking of lanes, and slow people who had not perfected their isle walking techniques. There were too many forklifts running back and forth, volumes of pallets blocking off isle intersections, and customers who decided to browse at goods in the middle of isles.

We'll...ended up buying some Oreos and milk, and my dad bought a swimming pool for aqua culture fish experiment.

Hey, talk to you all later. This week has been fairly busy....

Monday, February 23, 2004

I went to one of my employee's son's birthday party today and tasted authentic filipino food for the second time in my life. I ate about one snail, a cup of bitter melon soup, a macoroni cheese salad that looked like cheese and tomato sauce but wasn't. There was a dish that looked like a run overed toad, but was later told that they were dried bitter melon fruits.

Actually, I really enjoyed the food. The food was great, the people were great, everything was great except for the karaoke singing. That...was just funny. Not bad...just funny.

I didn't buy a gift for my employee's son and I felt pretty guilty about it. But hey, it wasn't my fault. It was a last minute invite so I didn't have time to shop. I'll probably get him something good on Monday, or Tuesday...or next year.

By the way, have you been watching these Democratic Presidential canidates use every type of brainwashing lie to motivate voters to ralley around them? Kerry and Edwards claim tax cuts to the "so called" wealthier Americans and corporations should be cut! And then they want to regulate the outsourcing of overseas jobs. Oh well, I'm writing a big article that basically disects each of their points one by one. I really hope we dont' get a democratic president, it's going to make business and life even tougher than it already is.


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