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what started it all..."The Road to Trials"
Canoe Girl Productions was originally founded in 1996 by six extreme mountain bikers who set forth to create an instructional bike stunt video called "The Road to Trials." Armed with nothing but a cheap HI-8 camcorder and a whiteboard, the six mountain bikers dove into production. The video took a grueling three months to film and was released a year later. Unfortunately, sales of "The Road to Trails" were dismal and as a result, the company closed for business in 1997.

One of the six mountain bikers, Steve Young, at that time a screenwriter, reserved the rights to the company name for future use. "I actually created the name before it was a company, it was the nickname I gave to a close friend of mine who paddled," Young said.

In 1999, Young left his screenwriting career in L. A. and returned home to Hawaii to open shop. He aspired to fashion a production company unlike any other in the islands. Young exercised his naming rights and Canoe Girl Productions was reborn in December of 2000 as a Limited Liability Company.

"Out of the six original extreme bikers that made up the former company, two of us are still here. Do we still bike? Hardly. It's a funny thing, with the old Canoe Girl, we biked every other day. With the new Canoe Girl, we're too busy to take a day off." - Steve Young

Pictured above, model Josie Ho, photography by Canoe Girl Productions

Canoe Girl Productions LLC is a three-year old diversified production company that is dedicated to bringing projects from script to screen. To date the company has succeeded in bringing many in-house projects to life.

Spearheading the company is CEO Steve Young and CFO Ryan Torres.

"Never in my life did I think I would be going into business with Ryan," admits Young, who made it a habit of teasing Torres at every chance that he had during high school.

According to many, Torres is the perfect compliment to Young's overdriven enthusiasm. Scottie Tsuha, Merchandising Manager for Canoe Girl admits, "Steve thinks he can do anything and make money off of it. But he has to push it through Torres to crunch the numbers before greenlighting it."

Young joking about Torres yells, "He's a pessimist. He can't look past the numbers!"

Torres batters back, "Steve's too optimistic. He can't look at the numbers."

Somehow, the duo finds common ground to succeed. To list just a few of the companies successes: to date, the company has successfully branded itself as one of the fastest growing production companies in Hawaii, has become a University of Hawaii apparel licensee, owned a Japanese TV show, and dove into the world of concert promotion...and much much more.

When asked about the future of Canoe Girl, Torres says, "We have positioned ourselves to make a run at the playoffs this year. Next year (2004) we're going for the superbowl."

UPDATE: Canoe Girl Productions is now held by Nevada Corproation 5th Perception.

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