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INSIDER FACT: CGP and the wedding industry:
Canoe Girl Productions loves the wedding industry. According to Steve Young, "What you see on camera is real, not rehearsed a million times over. Photographing true love is a pure joy."



Lights! Camera! How much is this going to cost me?
Going from aspiring to inspiring...
"We put our money where our mouth is," Steve Young, CEO of Canoe Girl says sipping on his morning Jamba Juice. "Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. But as long as we yeild a residual income, we should stay in the black."

To date, the company has been around the world, and back on the same block with their productions creating everything from businesses to shirts...to concerts...Ryan Torres, CFO of Canoe Girl smiles, "The rapid growth of Canoe Girl weighs greatly on the success rate of in-house projects."

Canoe Girl Productions is currently in the pre-production phase of classified projects.. What we can leak out is that projects include everything from a Hawaii based television series to straight to video projects:
  This project is currently classified. It is a HD project to begin taping this November across America and will be distributed worldwide. Informercials commence shooting in January and promotion of the product will begin in March of 2004.
  This is a studio project that will commence taping in January 2004 for one week. The exact nature of the video cannot be disclosed at the current moment. Taping may commence this year if budgets can be met. The content of this project is also classified.


Past Projects:
  • Bridal Boutique Japan (TV Show)
  • University of Hawaii Apparrel Licensee
  • Rainbow Sports Online. (Creator) Now property of KHNL (NBC)
  • Three Faces of Elvis, Concert at the Waikiki Shell
  • Dream Weddings Hawaii (Wedding business)
  • Generation Life - pro health non -profit agency




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